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Ptolemy I of Egypt
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Ptolemy IPtolemy was one of Alexander the Great's boyhood friends and became one of his most trusted generals. He played a principal part in the campaigns of Alexander in Afghanistan and India.

When Alexander the Great died Ptolemy took charge of one third of all the land that Alexander had conquered, becoming satrap (governor) of Cyrenaica and Egypt. Although he later took the name Soter (preserver) his main aim throughout his 38 years in power was to build a mighty dynasty, the Ptolemaic dynasty (alternatively named the Macedonian dynasty or Lagid dynasty) This dynasty ruled Egypt for 300 years and was the most important, in it's influence upon the civilisations of the world, of all the kingdoms which owed their origins to the conquests of Alexander the Great.

Ptolemy had Alexander's body brought for burial to Egypt, where it was permanently interred at the city Alexander had founded and named after himself. This could have been because of his high regard for Alexander but it is more likely that it was to gain political and religious advantage.

Ptolemy established his capital at Alexandria where he founded a museum and started collecting books for a great library, which was to become the centre for scientific research and the best collection of Greek and Roman papyri in the world. Ptolemy also initiated the building of the lighthouse off the coast of Alexandria on the island of Pharos. This was to become one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

When Ptolemy died in 283 B.C. his son, Ptolemy II, succeeded him.

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